Monday, March 7, 2011

Jesse Jackson Jr.'s Version of the Constitution

Life, Liberty, and an IPod:

While there can be no doubt that we have a homeless problem in our society, the vast majority of people have a place to live. So my question is what does decent mean? We are living through the aftermath of government involvement in homeownership with the Community Reinvestment Act and lowering the standards of home loans. Does he want to continue down that road?

What student in this country is not offered an education in this country? While I am the first to say that our public schools stink, no one is denied the right to go. I don't think the issue is that we need to build more schools; we need to give parents more choice to attend the school that is going to fit their child’s needs.

But hey what let’s make a constitutional amendment to give everyone an IPod and laptop. I don't happen to have an IPod, so let me know where I can pick mine up

Video from Weasel Zippers


The_Kid said...

Same old "Blame everyone but the problem people".
Section 8 housing. Oh, it's not in a good area, so the people don't evolve; that's the problem. Ok, they put section 8 housing in a golf course community.

Result? Golf course community now a slum full of low lifes and entire neighborhood about worthless.

Section 8 is a cancer. Lowlifes are a cancer. We're not the problem, they are.

Hugh said...

It never ceases to amaze me just how people this ignorant can be elected to office. I blame a lot of it on our government run schools. But I also put the blame squarely on the shoulders of the parents. After all it is because of their ignorance that these mental midgets get elected in the first place. It is up to the parents to see to it that their children are getting a proper education. I guess the first step would to first educate themselves. a good place to start might be

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