Monday, March 28, 2011

The Real Reason You Should Listen Newt's Sunday Interview

Much is being made about the interview between Chris Wallace and Newt Gingrich.  I read on one blog some disdain that Chris Wallace asked him about his infidelities and used this as a reason to call Chris Wallace a liberal.  While it is well known that he is a registered democrat, I have never gotten the feeling that Wallace gives liberals a pass while being harsh towards conservatives.  If my memory serves, Newt never talked about the affair and kept his comments to the perjury.  So, in that case he was not being a hypocrite unless he also lied under oath. 

People will make their own decisions about Newt on his three marriages and the fact that he cheated on two of them.  My personal belief is that says something about character; especially when you have children.  He didn't just lie to his wives, he lied to his kids.  If he would lie to the two people who mean the most to him in the world, he will lie to me without flinching. 

But for me the real issue is his flip flops on Libya.  His statements make it seem that he is just Obama bashing.  Now, while he was a paid pundit that is fine and is in part what he is paid for.  But, his situation has since changed once he has announced he may be running for POTUS.  This country is in dire need of real leadership.  Someone that will be decisive.  He dances around it, but to me this type of thing is the real reason that a Newt presidency is a non-starter.  You can decide for yourself.

1 comment:

Kid said...

He isn't electable, and I'd prefer not to vote for him, for the reasons you gave and others. But he could sure debate oblabber back to the stone age.

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