Monday, March 21, 2011

Pawlenty Makes It Official - Presidential Exploratory Committee Formed

The official announcement came through facebook less than hour ago.  He is smart enough to realize that he has to build a grassroots movement, as Obama did.  The face of presidential elections has been forever changed. 

If you are interested he is doing a TeleTown Hall at 7:30 tonight.  If you want to sign up go here.   

There are things that I like about Pawlenty.  But he really isn't all that exciting.  But Stephen Hayes (if I remember correctly) said the country may be ready for the Anti Obama.  He is that.   

Here is a video that Fox News did a few months back on possible contenders. 


Teresa said...

This is a good sign. I like Pawlenty because he is conservative, can identify with the average person, and doesn't have the negatives or baggage that Sarah Palin brings with her. He is definitely the anti-Obama.

The Conservative Lady said...

The last thing we need is another "celebrity" president, so Gov. Pawlenty's more down-to-earth demeanor is fine with me. Time will tell. It's going to be interesting to watch which GOP contender rises to the top. So far, I have not a clue.

Opus #6 said...

So that makes Pawlenty, Herman Cain and some other guy, Romer? I sure hope we get a good man and strong candidate. We need a miracle. Not a miracle to win, necessarily, but America needs a miracle to heal after this battering.

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