Monday, March 14, 2011

Some Words of Wisdom from Fred Thompson

Runaway Democrat on MSNBC: "this is our Pearl Harbor". Ok... and are unions the Japanese or the Americans in this scenario? #tcot

Report: gas prices up 67% since Obama became president. Obviously it's because somebody out there isn't inflating their tires properly #tcot

PressSec Carney: WI Gov "not following the principle that we need to all come together". Hard to do w/40% of Senate hiding in IL. #tcot

Dem Rep Thompson: hearings on radical Islam creates more terrorists. Kinda like saying learning to swim increases chance of drowning. #tcot

ABC: Trump's run for President just a publicity stunt. Hey Donald... it doesn't work. #tcot

France: diplomatic recognition to Libyan rebels. Last time France took lead while US did nothing was b/c America not discovered yet. #tcot

Obama to fix oil prices by tapping into U.S. strategic oil reserve. Good plan. Then they can fill it back up with nice, cheap, IOU's. #tcot

IntSec Salazar on ANWR drilling: "We don’t believe that you need to drill everywhere". Ok, then how about letting us drill SOMEWHERE? #tcot

Only 68 high schools ask Obama to speak on grad day. Maybe b/c "you can grow up to do what I did" is now more warning than inspiration #tcot

Connecticut town forced to give union workers free coffee. My advice: give 'em Tea, instead. #tcot

Michael Moore at WI protest: "America is not broke." Too bad he can't say the same thing about the last scale he stepped on. #tcot

Charlie Sheen in weird web video: "I'm not bi-polar, I'm bi-winning". If he's doing so great, how come he's not bi-working? #tcot

1 comment:

The_Kid said...

The strategic oil reserve would last something like 2 weeks.

But what else is new in obamaland solution thinking.

Forgot about the tire pressure remark. Man-O-man.

Forget whether obama is good or bad for America. Just the fact that he got the majority vote with such pathetic speech content...

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