Monday, August 3, 2009

Upcoming Conservative Girl Adventure

For those of you who don't know Jim Moran. He is an embarassment to the Commonwealth of Virginia. If you don't believe me, many die hard libs that live in his district will say the same thing. The only reason he stays in office is that people in his district would rather lose a body part than vote for a republican. He has made statements that come razor close to anti-semetic.
Howard Dean - I can't wait!!!
Upcoming Events

Howard Dean to Join Rep. Moran for Town Hall on Health Care Reform Efforts

When: Tuesday, August 25, 2009
7:00PM - 9:00PM--Doors open at 6:00PM

Where: South Lakes High School,
Auditorium11400 South Lakes Dr.
Reston, Virginia

What: Town Hall meeting hosted by Rep. Jim Moran
featuring Governor Howard Dean, M.D.,
former Governor of Vermont, Democratic National Committee Chair Emeritus, author, and national grassroots leader on health care. The meeting will discuss current efforts in Congress to reform our nation’s health care system.

Why: Congress is attempting to craft the first major reform of our nation’s health care system in 45 years. With over 47 million Americans uninsured, medical costs rising everyday, and obtaining quality insurance coverage becoming more and more difficult, the time for action has come.

Congressman Moran has invited Dr. Dean to speak at this forum in Northern Virginia, to reflect upon the current effort given his years of experience as a leading health care expert, governor and physician. The town hall will be an opportunity for the Congressman to hear from 8th District constituents on health care, and to clarify what the reform measures in the Congress really mean for Northern Virginians.

*This event is free and open to the public. Seating is limited, available on a first come first serve basis.
Stay tuned, I will report on this at the end of the month.


The Conservative Lady said...

If it turns out like the one in Philly with Specter and Sebelius, it should be great. Maybe you can get Howard worked up enough that he'll give you his primal scream...yaaaa, yaaaa. I don't think these guys realize that the people are smart on the health care bill and won't fall for their it's the big, bad insurance companies fault. Give 'em hell.

the friendly opposition said...

so i guess i haven't read enough of it, but what is the part of the house healthcare bill that has everyone so fired up? i read the main points of it and the only somewhat offensive part is that each person will have to have some sort of health insurance or face a tax penalty. but the type and provider of that insurance is wide open, at least in this bill. is there another bill out there that has everyone worked up, or is this the main issue? or am i missing the point entirely?

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