Friday, August 14, 2009

Conservative Girl Adventures - GEICO

Mr. Chris Tasher
GEICO Media Relations
One GEICO Plaza
Washington, DC 20076

Dear Mr. Tasher:

I am writing you today to inform you why I will no longer being doing business with GEICO. I am very disturbed to hear that you have fallen to pressure and will no longer be running ads on The Glen Beck program that airs on FOX News Channel.

The Color of Change organization has put pressure on you and some other companies to drop your advertising. The co-founder of this organization is Van Jones. Van Jones, Green Jobs Czar, is now working directly with President Obama. While there is no dispute that Mr. Beck if no fan of the Czars that the president has employed, what he has put on his show is the same information is readily available from other news sources; the Capital Research Center and The Washington Examiner are just two examples.

I recently put myself through the sheer torture of watching the Keith Olbermann Show and noticed that you are indeed a sponsor of this program. Several months back Keith Olbermann had Janeane Garfalo as a guest on his program. During this segment Ms. Garfalo referred to people who exercised their constitutional right to assembly and peacefully protested against the excessive spending of the federal government as tea-bagging rednecks and racists. During this segment Mr. Olbermann could be heard agreeing with this comment.

The segment that The Color of Change is so upset about was Glen Beck saying that he believes that the President has a problem with race and used as example the fact that he sat in a church with a pastor that one can fairly say has said some controversial things about race and people of the Jewish faith. During this segment Mr. Beck was called on his statements by the hosts of the show. But your media department feels that Mr. Beck is deserving of the media being pulled but you continue to advertise on the Olberman program? The comment wasn't even made on his show.

My conclusion to this hypocrisy is that you have a problem with conservatives. Since I happen to be one, I don’t feel that you want my business. Nor, do I want to do business with you. I have cancelled my policies with you this morning. While I am going to spend a little more money with Allstate, I feel that a company that doesn’t publically pick sides on the political spectrum is more deserving of my hard-earned money.

Just a Conservative Girl.


Pam's Place said...

Great letter. If I did business with Geico, I would cease immediately, too. But we found out long ago, their prices were higher than some even better insurance companies, at least in our circumstances.

Keep up the good work, Girl. You're not alone.

wade said...

good letter. I hate that stupid money clip with eyes commercial anyway. GLEN is better off with a different sponsor anyhow. w

ObamasLipsAreMoving said...

Way to go! I wish I had a policy with them to cancel...

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