Thursday, August 27, 2009

Conservative Girl Adventures - Moran & Dean Town Hall Part 2

I really have so much to say on this topic and want to make sure that I am articulating clearly. I have decided to put this experience into different posts. One of the reasons that this town hall was a little different than many others that have been reported on is the fact that the unions are starting to fight back. I have one picture below of Planned Parenthood. The rest are just some signs I saw throughout the evening. I will be posting more on this over the next few days. I have gathered up all the handouts that I was given and will be scanning many of them to post. They are of particular interest. It really was quite an experience. It makes me look forward to 9-12 march on Washington even more.

The planned parenthood activists were so young, college-aged. It makes me wonder if they know who founded Planned Parenthood and why. I am not that conservative on more social issues, but if you are going to support an organization you should understand how they became what they are. Do they understand that the founder of Planned Parenthood gave lectures at KKK rallies? That she believed in ridding society of undesirables? Doesn't sound like a liberal cause that you want to wrap yourself in to me.

Since the man is a moron, that is a really good thing. (he is so aptly named)


LL said...

It continues to amaze me how uninformed most liberals are -- then again, an informed liberal is likely to be a conservative.

Left Coast Rebel said...

A few years ago before I was married I went to a coastal cantina with some friends here in San Diego. We were enjoying the evening, (trying to meet members of the opposite sex), and a group of young women came into the establishment that we were at. The one thing that stood out about these girls? They all had Planned Parenthood paraphernalia, they must have just attended an abortion rally. I was shocked and disgusted, needless to say - they were in their late teens and had no clue about the horrors of abortion, that it is nothing to be celebrated as they were.

Liberal Activists - Get 'Em Young

Opus #6 said...

Wonderful quality pics. You are doing great as our citizen journalist on the scene. Keep up the good work.

Soloman said...

Great post and pics. You're so right about the lack of knowledge. It's amazing what parts of history get scrubbed and / or rewritten as time passes, and therefore people, especially the young, just don't know the truth in many cases. I know I was guilty of this in my youth to some degree.

I wish I lived closer to DC, the 12th will instead be spent in front of Glenn Beck's coverage on Fox, unless I find somebody organizing in my area...

edgycater said...

Big turnouts down here in VA's 9th district for Congressman Rick Boucher. Vast majority were in opposition to nationalized health care, but the union folks brought in some buses. Keep fighting the good fight up in NOVA.

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