Friday, August 21, 2009

Conservative Girl Adventures - Whole Foods Bust

I heard on the news last night that my local Whole Foods was going to be protested today. So I wanted to go take a look to see what people, that undoubtedly Speaker Pelosi and Sen. Boxer would approve of, looked like. You know, a girl has to have some fun.

We have had a very dry summer this year. So the rain was a very welcome thing. It poured for about 30 minutes. So when I get to Whole Foods I was a little surprised to see no one at the protest.

So, I went around to the other entrance. Nope, no one there either. I guess that rain was a little to much to protest in. After all, who would want to protest in the rain?
Parking lot pretty full for that time of the day.

Oh, wait. Here are protesters out in the rain. The astro-turf, redneck racist, tea baggers. The tax day tea party in DC was not only really wet; it was also cold. It was in the low to mid forties that day. This lady cracked me up.

For those who are not aware, Whole Foods CEO John Mackey has found himself in the middle of some ire. He wrote an OP-ED Piece that appeared in The Wall Street Journal. He does not want to see a single-payer system to become law in the United States. This is a very well thought out plan to reduce costs for companies and individuals; that will allow everyone to get coverage.
Russell Mokhiber, an attorney, and the head of a group called Single Payer Action is leading this boycott. If they want to boycott, than fine go ahead and boycott. That is the American way. But at least look at the totality of the man you are boycotting. Mackey is a man who doesn't get paid. His entire salary goes to charity. The company that he leads, gives back to every community that they are located in. His company pays 100% of the health benefits for his full time employees. How many companies can say that?
Maybe I got the location wrong. I will have to check the local news to see if any protests were held here today.
For a more full accounting of the Whole Foods dust-up you can read a post by Left Coast Rebel. His insightful blog is always well put together and thought provoking.
As for the boycott, I just finished some chipotle chicken from their bistro. Umm Umm Good.


Opus #6 said...

Glad to hear the lazy libs didn't show. Yay.

Teresa said...

The libs definitely proved to be lazy. We conservatives have the gumption and tenacity to withstand inclement weather to fight for our cause.

Left Coast Rebel said...

Consgirl - Surprising but not shocking! It's amazing that the 'open-minded' lefties that can't handle any sort of disagreement in their ranks, (Macke), cannot even gather together a dozen protesters. Yet the media probably still reported on this sans pictures or video. MSNBC anyone?

ps, thanks for the compliment, you're the best :)

Just a conservative girl said...

They were also supposed to be at their corporate offices. I think somewhere in Texas.
We will see what happens. All I know for sure is that I am going to shop at Whole Foods even more now.

The Conservative Lady said...

The libs were afraid they'd melt in the rain. It's very reassuring to see that conservatives walk the walk. Thanks for being so adventurous...makes for great posting.

Col K said...

Now now, the libs aren't above braving the weather. Doesn't it end up freezing cold or snowing just about every time they have one of their global warming/climate change protests?

Conservative Pup said...

Found your blog through Kathy, at Watching the Nation. Love this post! I did one on Whole Foods too. Have you been looking at their message forum? As many, if not more, folks on there defending Mackey and his ideas than the so-called boycotters.

Like your blog, going to add it to my blogroll. Keep up the great work!

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