Thursday, August 20, 2009

A Little Late Now

A facebook buddy found this website: It will be interesting to see if this grows over time.

I am sorry I voted for Obama

Most posts are stories of other people saying they know people who regret it, but some are from the voters themselves

This from Bubbabelly:

No kidding. And he better stop claiming he is providing tax relief for 95% of all Americans. Every major bill in the works is only going to raise taxes, and the largest rise in U.S. history at that

This from anoymous in Denver:

I actually voted for Barack Obama. I will never again vote Democratic and I am in the process of changing my voter registration card over to be a registered Republican. I voted for change, but I defiantly did not vote for this kind of change. I would like to publicly APOLOGIZE to my fellow Americans for making such a bad decision.

Charlie from North Carolina:

What a tragic disappointment. He says he will get the economy back on track, instead we have millions more out of work with an unemployment rate of 9.5%... he promised it wouldn't go over 8.... damn me, damn me to hell!


Opus #6 said...

JACG, I will have to follow this site. AWESOME FIND!!!!

CJ said...

If the healthcare plan passes in its current form, I might leave the Democratic party.

Apart from blowing a whole lot of money for dubious reasons, nothing really bad has happened b/c of Obama. I can't understand these people who blame Obama for the unemployment rate. Politicians don't create jobs, so they can't solve unemployment. It's up to people to solve their own problems. Republicans are better about admitting this than Democrats.

I am waiting to see how the healthcare overhaul plays out. In it's current form, it's so bad I'm confident it won't pass.

Just a conservative girl said...

The President can't do a great deal about jobs, but congress has a little more control. Maybe control is a bad word, but they have regulatory powers. Heavy regulations lead to higher unemployment and higher corporate taxes do as well. So those things they can do something about.
I am interested, if you leave the democratic party do you become a republican or do you just say you are an independent who votes for a person as a opposed to a party?

I don't consider myself a republican. I consider myself a conservative.

People blame the President because they don't understand the way the ecomony works well enough to blame anyone else. I am not saying that to be mean, I am just saying. I don't understand ecomonics all that well.

And blowing lots of money is bad. We can't afford to waste anymore money right now. It has to come to end now if we want to maintain the standard of living in this country.

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