Friday, August 21, 2009

Things that make you say hmm

A miracle happened. I finally found something that I agree with the President on. Yesterday during a radio show he told a caller that the takeover of financial sector happened under a conservative administration. On that we sort of agree. It did start under the Bush administration. My question becomes is that fact supposed to make me feel better? To me, that is a child’s answer. Is that the logic we should use to raise our children? Well mommy, Jimmy is allowed to stay out after dark so I should be able to as well.

AARP has spent $5.3 million on ads and direct mail to promote the healthcare bill. Didn’t they say they weren’t endorsing the legislation?

President Obama’s approval rating among democrats has fallen 13% points since January.

NBC has 29 items in their gift shop promoting President Obama. Such as the Yes We Did T-shirt. Yeah, they are not in the tank.

Senator Kennedy wants to change the law in Massachusetts to ensure that the Governor will get to appoint an interim Senator in case of an opening. Teddy is the one who championed this law. But I guess that since at that time there was a Republican Governor who would have replaced Senator Kerry had he won the presidency; it was ok. So let me get this straight Teddy; it is all about you. What is best for the actual voters doesn’t matter, just what benefits you and the Democratic Party is what is important?

Export/Import Bank is guaranteeing $2B in loans to Petro Bras for offshore oil drilling in Brazil. Again, it is ok for others to drill but not us? Doesn’t the left realize that offshore drilling is still offshore drilling? How can the argument still be believed that this is about the environment? Oh, by the way Petro Bras made billions in profits last year. Why are subsiding a foreign oil company anway?

In the most recent ratings of cable networks:
#2 Fox
#26 CNN

MSNBC gets more viewers than CNN? That is truly stunning to me.

Jayson Blair, the disgraced NY Times reporter, is now a life coach.

Can someone please explain to me what "Wee wee'd up" means?


Anonymous said...

Liberals are abandoning their longtime patrons at CNN for the more open partisanship of MSNBC

Just a conservative girl said...

Apparently so. I really am amazed at that. I watch CNN often. I can't stomach MSNBC.

RightKlik said...

Bush initiated the bailout. Obama transformed the bailout into a takeover.

Two wrongs don't make a right. Hoover and Roosevelt both helped to ruin the economy; Bush and Obama shouldn't have repeated the mistakes of history.

Left Coast Rebel said...

Disagree a little here. The bank bailouts were not administered by a conservative administration. Bush in his waning days/years was clearly not a conservative, in fact he became a progressive, Bailouts, amnesty, unparalelled spending. To me that is why Obama won, as confusing as that may seem. I felt it here in San Diego - conservatives and indies HATED Bush, as did I. The silver lining being now that we have our truly socialist president to all unite against. Hopefully we don't lose our country in the meantime

Opus #6 said...

Obama's response is childish. He needs to man up and take responsibility. A real leader does that.

Just a conservative girl said...

LCR you are 100% correct. Which is why I stated that I sort of agree. It was done by Bush, but not done by a conservative. He clearly lost his way when it came to fiscal responsibility and limited government.

CJ said...

"Well Bush started the bailouts" is the tu quoque fallacy. President Bush having started something actually makes the activity (bailouts) seems less desirable.

Col K said...

When TARP initially failed in congress, Obama rode in on his half white horse and urged action. There's a YouTube video somewhere of his speech.

If that doesn't work, the title of the video is "KILLBILL - Shame on you Senator Obama #1"

He also voted for it so he helped create the deficit that he inherited. Beyond all that, as LCR said, Bush was not conservative in his spending by any means, far from it.

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