Thursday, August 6, 2009

The Lunatic Left and Glen Beck

All one must do is see the address of my blog to see what a fan of Glen Beck that I am. Glen calls it like he sees it. He doesn't pull any punches and people are listening. Sometimes he is a little kooky and sounds a little paranoid, but he is usually right on the money.

This is sick and disgusting. I have never heard Rush or Beck say that they hope someone kills themselves.

Proving that liberal talk radio still has new frontiers of bad taste to explore, syndicated host Mike Malloy has openly called for FOX News Channel host Glenn Beck to commit suicide, something he hopes will occur live and on the air.Heard during yesterday's Malloy program, it's the second time in a week that the former WLS/ Chicago talker has called for the death of one of his political opponents. Earlier, he said he hoped Rush Limbaugh would "choke to death".

Here's a transcript and clip of his sickening call for Beck's demise:

All I can say is keep it up Glen, you must be speaking some truth or they wouldn't care about you.

H/T to The Radio Equalizer

1 comment:

Hazaa said...

Ugh, I cannot believe this... I cannot believe the horrible double standard. If ANY republican or slightly right-wing orientented talk show host said something like this, they would be demanding his or her resignation for "hate speech" and accusing them of encouraging their people to kill.

Ugh, disgusting. Where's Media Matters or those other "hate speech" groups now? Probably shrugging and saying "Freedom of Speech".

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