Friday, January 6, 2012

Voter ID Problem Solved

The number that the left keep throwing out is that 11% of people of voting age don't have a valid ID in this country.  (I find that number very hard to believe).

Let's set up a fund and get them one.  Problem solved.


Deekaman said...

The funds exist. They choose to ignore them.

If one person is disenfranchised by not having an ID, one person is disenfranchised. One fraudulent vote disenfranchises everyone.

Sandy Salt said...

Not having ID in this day and age is crazy. Make everyone have a passport and be done with it. This isn't rocket science, but I know that it will draw lots of nut-bags out of the woodwork over some craziness or another about the number of the beast or too expensive for poor people. I am with you, have any government assistance come with a voucher for a passport and the passport comes with the first check/deposit. It would also let us know who is in our country and those who can't obtain a passport probably shouldn't be in our country to begin with. Kills a lot of birds with a single stone.

hometown guy said...

I think if this were actually done, liberals would not be against it. Regardless of what you may believe, we are not actually in favor of voter fraud. Just like some of us know you're not actually in favor of voter suppression when you come forward with suggestions like this that would help people get IDs.

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