Monday, January 2, 2012

There is no low for the left - The Bitter and Amoral Attack on the Santorum Family's Mourning

Alan Colmes went lower than low with his attack on the way the Santorum family chose to mourn the loss of their baby boy; Gabriel, who died shortly after childbirth.  

I personally have never lost a child, but I have watched others who have.  My best friend died while we were teenagers and another woman I know lost a six week old to SIDS.  Mourning a child is a deeply personal issue and how a family that is grieving that horrible loss have the right to mourn that loss in the way they feel is best for their family.  Rick and Karen Santorum felt that their other children needed to be part of the process of saying goodbye to baby Gabriel.  They needed to see him and have a chance to say goodbye.  While it may not be the way that others would choose to handle it, it was their right as they are their children.  They hurt no one else, they broke no laws and even the hospital thought it would be good for them in dealing with their grief.  

What Alan Colmes is probably the most upset about is the fact that they didn't abort the child the moment they found out he wouldn't live.  But of course they said that their daughter Bela, who is now two, wouldn't live either.  

Any liberal who is not condemning these comments is a bad as Mr. Colmes is.  Alan Colmes has no right to tell a family how to mourn the loss of a newborn baby.  They said good-bye the best way they could and did what they thought was right by God and their other children.  

Shame on you Mr. Colmes,  shame on you.  


The Conservative Lady said...

I caught the end of this interview earlier today, so I never heard the part about the baby. The Left will stoop to any level to demean a person, and this is a great example. Alan Colmes owes the Santorum family an apology. Mr. Colmes is a bottom feeder...the lowest of the low.

Dean_L said...

Colmes, while always liberal, and wrong 90% of the time, usually is not offensive like this. This however exposes him for the bitter hyper-partisan liberal that he really is.

Don't hold your breath waiting for an apology from Colmes to the Santorum family - he thinks he's doing the right thing by his disgusting comments just because Santorum is doing well in the polls and is a social conservative.

hometown guy said...

Alan Colmes is not the left, he is a cartoon of the left put up by Fox News to make us look ridiculous. As a liberal I condemn his remarks.

Just a conservative girl said...

A. Sadly more on the left have joined in on this statement.

B. You mean sort of like Meghan McCain being put up on MsNBC to mock conservatives.

I don't think you are like Mr. Colmes, but many on the left are. He is a very mainstream progressive. I still think you have not accepted the fact that the democratic party has left you. They have turned into a bunch of far left nuts. If Kennedy were alive today he would not be democrat.

hometown guy said...

This is exactly what we say about Republicans and Eisenhower (and even Reagan in some respects). Perhaps we are both slightly correct. Of course, I believe i am mostly correct and you are mostly not correct, and you believe the reverse.

hometown guy said...

And I fully agree with you about Ms. McCain - she gets eye rolls from those of us on both sides of the aisle.

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