Thursday, January 26, 2012

Apology's in Advance - Hacking Issue

Maggie over at Maggie's Notebook made me aware of some hacking issues that I am experiencing as of late.  She has gotten some rather lengthy and not very nice comments using my blog's name.  I didn't write them.

So, if anyone else is getting these from "Just A Conservative Girl" I apologize in advance.  There are not from me.  They are using the email address as the email address.  That is not my email, nor do I use the one that is listed on the side of the blog as a contact when I comment.  So if either of those email addresses are coming up with comments, they are from someone else.

I had gotten an email with a long letter attached about Newt and Muslims and some other disjointed messages asking me to have the courage to print it.  I wrote back to the person that if they want their opinion out there, they should write their own blog.  This person may be the culprit.

So again, I apologize if there are any nasty comments out there.  I assume the person will get bored and move on at some point or find another target to get out their obvious anger.

Thanks Maggie for letting me know.  I apologize your spam filter got filled up with this hate.


Opus #6 said...

I knew it wasn't you!

Just a conservative girl said...

Maggie sent me some of the stuff she got. OMG, I would never say things like that.

I have strong opinions and I don't always fall neatly in the conservative box, but whoa, that stuff was way out there; past the milky way!!!

Opus #6 said...

Politics can bring out the worst in some people. Especially misogynist attacks on conservative women. I am sorry to hear both you and Maggie have been having to deal with that this past week.

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