Saturday, January 21, 2012

Newt for President?

It has been many decades since the winner of South Carolina didn't go on to win the nomination.  So will it be Newt edging out Romney in the end?  Only time will tell.  

At least it is interesting.  

Here is picture of Team Newt that worked hard today making phone calls down to South Carolina to get out the vote.  

Newt's headquarters is based here in Virginia.  

The final vote tally is not in yet, but as it stands right now, Newt is up by double digits.  The real fight seems to be for third between Ron Paul and Rick Santorum.  


Deekaman said...

Not excited by Newt, less by Romney. What a mess.

smitty1e said...

Newt HQ is here in VA, but can he get his flippin' name on a ballot?

Just a conservative girl said...

Details, Smitty, Details.

I hope the world's youngest blogger is doing fine.

Tom said...

I'm not sure how I feel about newt yet. I need to see him in a few more debates to be sure.

Opus #6 said...

Newt must have a big smile on his face today. This race has my head spinning.

The Constitutional Crusader said...

Mittens and his crew saw the writing on the wall half an hour after the polls closed in SC. There's a pic floating about on Twitter of Romney's HQ empty of all but about five people.

RightKlik said...

I hope Newt can at least force Mitt to begin treating conservatives with respect.

To everyone outside of Mitt's tightest circle, I think it should now be obvious that the "ignore the base" strategy isn't working as well as planned.

Just a conservative girl said...

Is it that he is ignoring them or does he just not know what to do to attract them? People can't change who they are fundamentally. He isn't a conservative, he doesn't fully buy into it, therefore, he has a hard time coming across as sincere. IMO

RightKlik said...


I think you're precisely correct and that's why Mitt would like to pretend that conservatives can be disregarded.

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