Saturday, January 14, 2012

Quote of the Day - A NCO, a Gentlemen, and a Marine Edition

While I do not think it is this horrific act that should ruin their lives forever, it is not an acceptable act whatsoever. We (The United States and Marines) pride ourselves on our professionalism and defending the greatest Country in the World. We became the mighty United States of America by standing on morals and principles that are above this type of behavior. I will probably anger some of my friends by saying this, but if people stop looking at this from an emotional perspective (on both sides of the debate) and start looking at it from a logical one, they will see that if we celebrate this type of behavior we lower ourselves to their level and are no better than the indecent animals we are fighting.
Marine Ron.  

Ron has walked a mile in their shoes.  He is in Afghanistan as I write this.  He has been told he has to have a sit down with his men that peeing on dead bodies is not acceptable.  Something he shouldn't be wasting his time on.  

This has never been about the Taliban who were killed, it has always been about our military and how we view ourselves and our values.  

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