Friday, January 6, 2012

Quote of the Day - Eugene Robinson Edition

"I mean, his numbers (Obama's) are going up as the Republican party's numbers come down. And I think it's due to the fact that the president has more aggressively and more definitively, I would hope, positioned himself as with the people, as with the 99%, or the 99.99% in this case. It's a smart political move on the president's part and I think a sincere move because I do think if you think of his background, for example, he did not lead a privileged upbringing. His family was on food stamps for a while. He earned what he has in life, and I think he appreciates it,"
Eugene Robinson on how Obama is the 99%, despite being a multi-millionaire.  I guess you can have lots of money and still be the 99% if you were not born into it.  Self made millionaire's are exempt from the 1%.  

All these rules, it is hard to keep up. 


hometown guy said...

While this shouldn't be taken to be an endorsement of Robinson's statement, wouldn't you agree that a self-made millionaire, who has experienced being poor and worked hard to better his situation, would have a better grasp of the range of experiences of our citizens than one who has never been poor a day in his life?

Wrial Huden said...

Not to mention Hollywood stars and professional athletes. Somehow they seem to get free passes, especially if they're rubbing elbows with the OWS protestors...

Just a conservative girl said...

Guy, I don't. But it seems that the OWS people only seem to like left leaning millionaires, they have no use for the right leaning ones. They love Steve Jobs for some reason, but look at Jobs' record of charity, it is very poor. Very poor indeed. Yet he is still a hero to the left. I have never understood why other than he would say he liked Obama.

Deekaman said...

Are you kidding? The ruling Leftist elite LOVES millionaires. All of them. Especially the Wall Street Fat Cats from whom they get gazillions in campaign donations. And they love the inherited wealth, too. Teddy Kennedy, Nancy Pelosi, John F-N Kerry, Al Gore. All born into money.

No, it is Conservative millionaires they abhor. Koch Brothers, anyone? Of course, it IS easier for them to spell than Halliburton.

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