Thursday, January 19, 2012

Newt V. John King

I wonder how long he prepared this comeback?  He had to know it was coming, and it was no surprise that it was question 1.  

I don't think it was out of bounds to ask it, but you have to love Newt's ability to stand the heat.  

Here is my view, cheating is a sign of character.  There is no way around that.  But the truth is that this is old news.  He doesn't run from, he doesn't excuse it, and it seems that he has changed his heart and his life.  The two people who got hurt the most by his behavior, his children, have let it go and it is time the rest of us do as well.  I feel sorry for his second wife.  She slept with a married man, broke up a marriage, hurt two children, then acts shocked when he did the same to her.  There is such a thing called kharma.  

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RightKlik said...

I'm sure Newt put a lot of thought into his answer, but he was extemporaneous with his response. Newt took full advantage of John King's feeble attempt to blame ABC, reinforcing his initial response to King.

Newt is certainly not a man without a history of weakness and hurtful decisions. But perhaps he has matured.

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