Sunday, January 22, 2012

Newt Talks Victory in South Carolina

His win was decisive.  His win was a smack down to the media who kept saying that Romney was inevitable.  While I still think that the nomination is most likely going to go to Romney, at least he will be forced to work for it.

I have issues with Newt, some pretty serious ones.  I don't like the fact that he cheated on two wives.  It is a question of his character as well as his judgement.  But, two of the people he hurt the most are his daughters, and they have forgiven him and moved on.  But Newt does something that all conservatives wish Dubbya had done more of, stand up to the biases in the media.

Another big surprise for me was Ron Paul coming in last, he has a massive machine and with this being an open primary, Paul's crossover voters could have come out in force.

Onto to Florida

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RightKlik said...

The fact that Newt's daughters have forgiven him and support him is an important point. Daughters don't always forgive their fathers for things like that, and they don't always follow in their father's footsteps the way that Jackie Gingrich Cushman has.

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