Tuesday, January 10, 2012

Ho Hum, Romney Wins NH Primary

This was expected.  The only suspense was going to be how many points the victory would be.  At this point with 73% reporting he is 14 points ahead.  The real contest in NH was going to be for second place.  I had thought we may have had a surprise with Huntsman pulling it out, but the polling was correct and Ron Paul came in second.

I thought this was one of Mitt's best speeches.  I also think that he surviving all the shameful, shameful attacks from Newt and Perry is going to help him down the road.  I think it is very unlikely that anyone will catch him for the nomination.  I still won't vote for him.  But he will be the nominee.


Opus #6 said...

I hate politics.

LL said...

Since Perry 'fell', Romney has been the only viable candidate. Though Cain had promise, I don't think that he would have grabbed the nomination.

To me, it's not that Romney is superior in any particular way, but he will clearly put better people into place in the bureaucracy than Obama did. There will be no Black Panthers, 911 Truthers, sideshow freaks and communists in his cabinet. For that alone, it's better to vote for him than to vote for Obama - or not to vote for either, thus an Obama vote. (IMHO)

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