Monday, October 17, 2011

Say it Ain't So - Senator DeMint to Endorse Mittens Romney?

Mitt Romney is the favorite to receive Sen. Jim DeMint's (R-S.C.) much-sought-after endorsement in the race for the Republican presidential nomination, according to knowledgeable GOP sources.

This coming from a report from Roll Call

I just find this so hard to believe.  DeMint is known in Tea Party circles as a man of character and principle.  He has said in the past he will take a smaller number of true conservatives over a majority of moderate republicans.  How in heavens name can he endorse Romney? 

I can see the argument that Romney is the most likely to beat Obama. But, just today a new poll has Cain ahead of Obama.  This same poll has Romney behind Obama.  The other talk is DeMint's business background gives him a special kinship with Romney, but, Cain has that as well. 

South Carolina Republicans, including DeMint and Sen. Lindsey Graham, say the state's primary is fluid and within reach for almost any of the candidates. An American Research Group survey of South Carolina GOP primary voters released last week showed Georgia businessman Herman Cain in front with 26 percent, followed closely by Romney with 25 percent. Texas Gov. Rick Perry had 15 percent and 12 percent were undecided. The lead previously belonged to Perry
I am speechless. 


Reaganite Republican said...

Maybe he bumped his head in the shower or something- yikes

Opus #6 said...

What the heck!

This primary season is beyond frustrating.

Just a conservative girl said...

Yes, Opus I feel the same way.

R&R - I did not know this, but he endorsed him in 08. Of course that was a different time; before Obamacare, but then again, not before Romneycare.

It is very strange.

Although, his office has made a statement denying this report, sort of. They are just saying he isn't ready to endorse, not that he won't be endorsing Mitt.

LL said...

It appears to me as though Mitt is the dominant candidate at this point. That means with time and a couple of primaries, he's going to get all of the money.

Though I like Cain, and he's done far better than I thought that he would, still don't think that he has the staying power to close the deal completely.

As to Perry, he's not all that convincing.

Just a conservative girl said...

Perry has issues. But he is better than Romney.

Although, I am not liking his wife's satements all that much.

We have horrible choices. We have a good younger crowd, but there are not ready until 16 at least.

Oh, if only Mike Pence decided to run.

The Conservative Lady said...

I read the Roll Call article and it sounds like "hear say" to me. I'm going to wait until (if) DeMint actually endorses Romney himself before I get too upset. Can't always believe what we read. People have agendas.

Scott said...

DeMint has that old SC senatorial fever I think. POWER corrupts the best of them...especially in the Senate.

Conservative Pup said...

I'm not trying to be a pessimist here, just realistic in my thinking. I feel sure that Romney will be the gop candidate no matter what. They promised him back in '08, when they had him drop out so McCain could have it. (My speculation only, but that was what I thought at the time, and I still believe it today.)

I think the "permanent political class" and their members will become even clearer as the primaries progress. It's just too hard for most of them to fight it, I guess.

I will continue to fight it, and my own hopes have now turned to Congress, and establishing as many true Constitutional conservatives in the House and Senate as possible. We will HAVE to have a conservative Congress to stand firm against whatever president we end up with.

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