Tuesday, October 11, 2011

Quote of the Day - Steve Zamfotis Edition

“They expect everything, everything for free, nothing to pay,”
Steve Zamfotis, Manager of Charley's Restaurant.  Charley's is located across the street from the poopalooza that is known as Occupy Wall Street.

Gee, what a shock.


Rational Nation USA said...

A shame really. If only OWS didn't get politicized and kept its focus on crony capitalism, corporatism, the banking and mortgage lenders excesses, and bailouts it would be a positive thing.

Just imagine the power if that dynamic was teamed up with the advocates of a more restrained and fiscally responsible federal government.

That would result in real hope and change of the 1'st order IMHO.

Just a conservative girl said...

I agree with you Les. Many of these issues are the same ones that the Tea Party are complaining about. If we joined forces to reduce the stupid spending then we could have a real debate on how to best spend our resources. But instead they are demanding free college for themselves. They even have the nerve to get mad at the homeless that are their looking for food and drugs, free of charge. The hypocrisy in that is truly stunning.

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