Tuesday, October 11, 2011

Harry Belafonte in All his Socialist Wisdom

It never occurs to people like him that one of the reasons that blacks have higher rates of unemployment is the horrid public school system, a system that he and the unions defend to the death. Without an education the chances of people lifting themselves out of poverty is very difficult.

I have a tea party acquaintance that lives in D.C.; she volunteers her time to do tutoring to under-privileged children. Once the voucher system came back, she asked one of the mothers if she wanted some help in filling out the application for the lottery. The woman told her she didn't want her son going to some white school because he wouldn't learn how to fight. This decision by this woman is now putting her young son in the position that he has barely over a 50% chance of getting a high school diploma, based on dropout rates. His chances of getting a college education is even less. How is racism to blame for this? This is a mindset. Exactly what Herman Cain is trying to change. A change that the likes of Belafonte and Sharpton want to prevent

1 comment:

Rational Nation USA said...

It is Belafonte that has been denied intelligence, not Cain.

The victim-hood mentality once again.

Just MHO.

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