Sunday, October 30, 2011

Occupy Wall Street Quote of the Day Part 7

“We’ve got five bike-powered generator systems that are coming from Boston and we’ve got five more plus other ones that are going to supplement as well so we’re completely, completely off the grid"
Lauren Minis - Occupy Wall Street Protester on New York City removing the gas powered generators due to safety reasons.  

My question is are they going to ask the homeless back to ride the bikes for them?  


Deekaman said...

I wonder if they've done the math on this. The average (avid) cyclist will produce on the order of about 200 watts. A professional cyclist can produce 400-500 watts. Likelihood is that these #occupiers will produce at the lower end and in the effort burn about 500-1000 calories per hour. The only warm ones in this bunch will be the pedalers and they'll be really hungry.

I know....I ride.

Just a conservative girl said...

You are kidding right, Deek? Have they done the math? BWAAAAAHAAAAAAA These are true believers in green energy. They think we could power this entire country with wind turbines and solar panels.

Deekaman said...

I don't believe they teach math in the "Lesbian Studies" curriculum.

Quite Rightly said...

I was thinking along the same lines as Deekaman. It's hard to imagine there are many homeless people whose dietary intake can support the caloric output necessary for this kind of work.

There's a reason that subsistence farmers in many third world countries only work 3 hours a day (not a well known fact). They don't take in enough calories to work 14 hour days like many of their better-fed brethren in industrialized nations.

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