Thursday, October 6, 2011

Quote of the Day - Obama Supporter Edition

"I'm calling you a nigger, an Uncle Tom nigger!"
An Obama supporter outside of St. Louis Fundraiser to Martin Baker, A black republican running for congress. 

Lovely.  Yes, I am the racist one.


Daughter of Eve said...

The worst racism I ever saw was between the black kids at my high school. One of my good friends was black. She was a hard-worker, with excellent grades, always involved in several clubs, an accomplished singer, with a coveted spot in the school's Swing Choir. Once I overheard another boy, also black, an unabashed underachiever, accuse her of "trying to be white," because she was such a dedicated student. I was shocked at such racism. And the source. That, and the way they would compare their skin color amongst themselves--the black kids were teasing the other black kids as to who was blackest. And the only time I heard the "N" word used? You guessed it--by one black kid to another.

So sad.

Just a conservative girl said...

Sadly that is all to common. It is such a paradox. The black community struggles with equality, but when push comes to shove when a person starts to stray away from what the community deems acceptable they are demonized. They, for whatever reason, don't seem to see that they are sometimes there own worst enemy. They hurt themselves so much more than society at large does. Most people in this country would prefer to care less about skin color and live there lives. But there is racism within the black community and until the deal with that things will not improve. Not really anyway.

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