Wednesday, October 26, 2011

A Marine Wife Stays Until the End

The night before the burial of her husband 2nd Lt. James Cathey of the United States Marine Corps, killed in Iraq, Katherine Cathey refused to leave the casket, asking to sleep next to his body for the last time. The Marines made a bed for her, tucking in the sheets below the flag. Before she fell asleep, she opened her laptop computer and played songs that reminded her of "Cat", and one of the Marines asked if she wanted them to continue standing watch as she slept.

"I think it would be kind of nice if you kept doing it" she said.

"I think that's what he would have wanted".

Rest in peace Lt. Cathey.  Thanks for your service.


Opus #6 said...

Oh gosh. This is touching.

My deepest sympathy for all those who have lost a loved one. And for those serving at home and abroad.

lady di said...

This really breaks your heart

Proof said...

Just a reminder that there are more casualties than those on the battlefields.

Randy-g said...

Unconditional love. I also echo the other comments, quite touching.

Quite Rightly said...

Freedom isn't free.

Anonymous said...

As a widow my heart feels your pain. I wish I had the wits about me to request that last night. God Bless you and yours. May God ease your pain with time.

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