Sunday, October 9, 2011

Pelosi V. Cantor on Wall Street Protesters

"I didn't hear him say anything when the Tea Party was out demonstrating, actually spitting on members of Congress right here in the Capitol. And he and his colleagues were putting signs in the windows encouraging them. But let's not get down to that."
Nancy Pelosi on Eric Cantor's statement that he was worried about the Wall Street Protesters.  So, let's see, first and foremost, the spitting never happened.  At least not in the context that Nanny would like people to believe in this statement.  The video evidence of what happened was found, quite a while ago in fact.  It was a say it don't spray it situation.  There was no intent to spit on any member of congress during any tea party.  The Tea Party was responsible for shutting down one of the offices of congress when after Speaker Pelosi's office refused to open the door, let alone speak to the protesters they ripped up paper from a copy of Obamacare.  I witnesses that event, and at the time said it was a bad idea to allow ourselves to be provoked in this manner.  But what wasn't widely reported was the fact that other members of the tea party went back into the building and help clean up the mess after the offices were re-opened. 

Here are the facts, not one person who was attending a Tea Party protest as a real member of the Tea Party has been arrested.  Now, when the left sends their agitators, they get arrested, or bite off some poot guy's finger, but no Tea Party member has been arrested.  We have never demanded to use the restrooms in private businesses even when though we are not paying customers of those businesses.  We have not taken over any park and said to hell with the people who live in that neighborhood.  When two young people walked through the crowd at the Glenn Beck rally last August wearing Obama T-shirts to provoke the crowd, they themselves said that only thing that was said to them is that they would prayed for.  Other than that, all they got was strange looks.  I am guilty of giving a strange look to them.  I couldn't understand why they were there. 

To say that there is a comparison between the Tea Party and the Wall Street protesters is ludicrous.  The Tea Party protesters bring lawn chairs and listen to speeches.  We watch over each other's things when you need to take a bathroom break, we keep an eye on each other's children, and then when the rally is over we get out our garbage bags and clean up any mess that may have been left behind.  We neatly fold our signs and put them in the nearest garbage we can find.  The place is left spotless.  We then go over and thank the police officers for giving us security so the counter protesters don't bother us. 

The Wall Street protesters do this:

I can guarantee you, you will never see this at a Tea Party protest. 
If this man is the 99%, I will proudly be part of the 1%. 


Deekaman said...

Pelosi is a big fat liar

Proof said...

The opinion that protester is leaving on the patrol car is every bit as valid as all the rest of their points!

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