Tuesday, September 13, 2011

Yeah, Michelle All This for the American Flag

Truly, I have tried to give the first couple the benefit of the doubt, when people say the "hate" America.  I don't fall into the group of conservatives that have called them communists, or do I want to believe that they want to "destroy" America.  My personal belief has been that they firmly believe in more of quasi-socialist European style of government and would like to see that take hold in this country.  Something that I 100% disagree with and feel if that is how you want to live, move to Europe.  Heck, I will even put into the "here's plane ticket" fund and drive you to the airport.  You don't like this style of government, get out.  No one is begging you to stay. 

But, yes Michelle, there are people in this country who pay great tribute to the flag in this country.  The reason, you may ask is that it is the promise of the ideal.  The promise of the American dream.  That if you work really hard you may be able to have your dreams come true in this country.  Even after she herself has watched her husband, a product of a broken marriage born to a white mother when bi-racial children and marriages were not widely accepted, can grow up and lead this country proves that my vision of the American dream can come true for virtually anyone.  Even you, you ungrateful pig.  Anyone who reads my blog on a regular basis knows that I don't take cheap shots and don't like getting down in the dirt with the progressives in this country.  But this time you have pushed the wrong buttons. 

Yes, some people in this country feel that the flag means something.  Feel that the flag is worth fighting and dying over.  And it isn't the flag in and of itself, but the ideal that it represents. 

Shame on you, and please note that I will now work overtime to get you out of the house that represents this country more than any other.  I will work even harder to say goodbye to you and your ungrateful husband for all this country has given to you and you so cavalierly roll your eyes at.  You are not deserving of the title of First Lady of the United States.  Again, you ungrateful pig. 

If you don't think that flag deserves respect - GET OUT OF OUR HOUSE!!! 


Sarah said...


sharon said...

Ditto! I've always felt that they resented this country. She has already said this is a downright mean country and the comment about for the first time in her life, she is proud of this country. They sat in that racist church for 20 years listening to a man tearing down the U.S.A., etc. etc.

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