Friday, September 23, 2011

CNN's Big Oops

Would Fox News get a pass on this?  I think not.


Anonymous said...

If this happened at FoxSnooze, there would have been no general apology. Instead, some poor intern would have been thrown under the bus. Besides, the key difference between CNN and FoxSnooze is that the former is a news operation and the latter is simple-minded infotainment for the dead-ender teabaggin' ditto-heads.

Soloman said...

Can't help but laugh that this comment was left by "Anonymous."

Just a conservative girl said...

Especially since they keep telling us the tea party is dying and not very many pay attention to it or believe in it. Then how exactly would Fox News have the viewership it has. CNN is barely hanging in there, they are losing more and more viewers every year.

The highest ratings they have gotten all year was the Tea Party Debate.

Obviously he didn't think through his comment.

Anonymous said...

This was not a mix-up, this was pure racism and a attack to all Americans. CNN must join the ranks of Fox News and other stations that indulge in this type of nonsense. Americans must remember that the objective now is to get our economy moving, and not to resort back to a dark period in our nation’s history, that consisted of blatant bigotry and racism. The individual that was the composer of this ignorant song should be found and prosecuted in a court of law for pure idiots, if there was such a court. Let’s all remember that this country was built on immigrants (I wonder how the Irish felt when The English kicked them in their as for centuries, and even when they came in droves to this country, let’s be mindful people).

Just a conservative girl said...

You certainly make many assumptions don't you? And what has this got to do with immigrants?

Where this woman was born was not part of the story.

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