Thursday, September 1, 2011

Quote of the Day -Dick Cheney Edition

"The key, I think, is to choose serious and vigilant leaders, to listen to the men and women who want us to entrust them with high office and judge whether they are saying what they think we want to hear or whether they have the larger cause of the country in mind. It's not always easy to move beyond pleasing promises, but in the case of America, the greater good is so grand. We're not a perfect country, but our founding ideals, right and true, have allowed human potential to unfold and creativity to thrive in ways never before seen on earth. We are so fortunate to be Americans. And we have a duty as clear as any I know to pass on this great nation, its possibilities undimmed, to the rising generations."

The final paragraph of Dick Cheney's memoir In My Time

I just heart Dick Cheney.

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