Wednesday, September 7, 2011

Is It All About Me?

Last night I was out and about at a local mall.  I had to pick up some mid weight coats, a pair of sneakers, and a few books that I had on hold at Barnes and Noble.  I had about 15 minutes before I was being met by someone so I decided to sit and check my email. Affordable mobile technology is a great thing or so I thought. I discovered that I hadn't charged my laptop battery so I needed to find an outlet. 

I came across a public sitting area that fit my needs.  I sat sat down on a couch, put down my bags to the side of me and placed my drink on the table in front of me.  While I was pulling out my cord to plug in the man who was sitting in a chair in front of me turned around and asked me out of all the places I could sit was I going to sit there and use my computer.  I honestly thought he was kidding and I smiled and said yes I was.  The man became totally unhinged.  He started yelling at me that he doesn't like people using a computer behind him while he was trying to watch television. 

I explained to him that I needed an electric outlet and this is where the outlets were so that is why I was sitting there.  Not that I needed to give this lunatic any explanation at all since this is a public seating area in the only part of the mall that was still open.  He then proceeded to try and find another place to sit but was not happy with his options.  I guess he couldn't see the tv as well.  He then yelled at me again saying that I must believe that everything is all about me. 

With all due respect sir, I am not the one who rearranged the furniture to face the television.  Nor was I the one trying to dictate to a complete stranger where they could sit in an area that is open to public.  You see I was minding my own business, I put my bags down to the side of where I was sitting so they would be in no else's way and I used the only seat available to me that had an electrical outlet.  Like it or not buddy, I am not the one who thinks it is all about me. 

Upon further inspection once he stalked off I realized that the television had no volume nor did it have closed caption, so unless he was an expert lip reader he wouldn't know what they were saying anyway.  I also would like to know what could Dennis Kucinich and Peirs Morgan possibly have been talking about that was so important that causes an otherwise perfectly looking normal human being to behave like he is stark raving mad?  My suggestion to you sir, is that you restart the course of your meds and if you don't like people around when you are watching television, you limit yourself to watching in the privacy of your own home.  A public sitting area in a mall has far to many distractions for people like yourself. 


The Conservative Lady said...

It was all about him. Unbelievable.

Sarah said...
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