Tuesday, September 6, 2011

Aaah, The Party of Tolerance is Alive & Well - Tea Party Zombies Must Die - The Game

Yes, there is now a game that you and your kids can sit around the computer screen and enjoy hours of family fun! Tea Party Zombies Must Die.

The cast of characters include:

Generic pissed off old white guy

White trash redneck

The new modern Klan member, who puts put outs racist trash over the internet

The executive who tricked the "God people" into believing in tax cuts for the rich

Britt Hume, Bill O'Reilly, and a really fat version of Glenn Beck.

We of course couldn't leave out Michelle Bachmann and Sarah Palin too. After all, they must be the first to go.

Last but not least are the Koch's and a list of employees that work for them. (Why would people want to work for the Koch's? They are evil aren't they?)

You can play game here, if you like. But, I think you should wait for your impressionable children to be in on it too. After all, where is the fun if you can pass on hostility, rage, and altogether bad behavior onto your children?

This just makes me want to run out and change my registration card to democratic, don't you?

H/T to Weasle Zippers


Sarah said...

Oh my God, I'm shaking my head. I wonder how many libs will actually want to play it?

Just Me said...

I'm speechless

Just a conservative girl said...

Just Me:
I don't know why you are all that surprised. This is a common tactic with the left. Demonize and belittle with the hopes of them going away in shame.

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