Friday, September 16, 2011

The Slippery Slope of Liberalism Part 3

When you think that you have heard the lowest of the low that the Canadian teenager can kill her baby and not be sentenced to a jail term then comes another story that is even more disturbing. It is disturbing because it just further proves that we, as a society, no longer value life.

Ana Mejia and Rodolfo Santana are now millionaires four times over. They didn't win the lottery (at least not in the literal sense), no they gave birth to a child with a rare disability that left with him with no arms and only one leg. See, had they found out that piece of information during the pregnancy they would have aborted the child. But since they ELECTED not to have the amniocentesis that would have shown the disability they were not made aware of it until baby Bryan made his way into the world.

According to the couple's attorney the ultrasound should have shown this disability, so the doctor is 85% responsible and the technician that performed the ultrasound is 15% responsible.

“They went from the heights of joyous expectations to the depths of despair,” their attorney Robert Bergin told the jury in closing arguments Wednesday, according to the newspaper. “Ana and Rodolfo Santana know their mental anguish and their emotions are not important. The only thing that will help make up for their mental anguish is to know Bryan’s life plan is fully funded.”
If their mental anguish and emotions were not important why would they need the money to make up for it? Above and beyond the fact that we live in a litigious society that someone has gotten the notion that money can make up for all ills, let's just talk about this helpless child for a little bit. It is now on public record that his parents would have prefered that he were dead rather than raise a child with disabilities. Baby Bryan is now three years old and an otherwise healthy and happy little boy. How can they say he would be better off dead?

What are we saying as a society that if you are not perfect you should be dead? And who exactly gets to define what perfect means? Had he only been missing one limb would that make him less likely to face death in the womb? Or did he need to have all four limbs for his parents to want him?

Andrea Williams CEO of Christian Concern hits the nail on the head:

“It perpetuates the myth that life is not worth living if you have a disability and indicates a chillingly utilitarian view of personhood,” she said. “Children are not commodities and we cannot dispose of them when they fail to meet our expectations, either in appearance or ability. This view safeguards life and prevents the callous and barbaric treatment of those born, or about to be born, with disabilities.”
The parents of baby Bryan should talk to Marc Sherman, Program Director for AccessABILITY Center for Independent Living, Inc who suffers from the same disability that their child suffers from. It would seem pretty obvious that Marc has found a way to live a product life even though he is not "perfect" and according to these parents that he would be better off dead. His reaction:

A disability is just a natural part of life. A person with a disability has just as much worth and just as much as importance as anybody else. It doesn’t matter what kind of disability, they have just as much worth and importance. They should get to choose how they want to live.’”
We have become a society of barbarians that we can turn around and give millions of dollars to a family because they wish their child have never been born, because someone has decided he is not perfect. This family should have turned to God, then they would have realized baby Bryan was born in his image and he is perfect, even with just one limb.

For the majority of my adult life I have been pro-choice. No more. The more research you do into the topic of abortion the more you will realize that it isn't done for the child, it is done out of selfishness. We have become a society that uses as an excuse woman's body, woman's choice, when what we are really doing is making designer babies and refusing to take responsibility for the choices that we make. If you don't want children, don't have sex. Believe me when I tell, you will not explode. You will survive. When you get pregnant you will get what God gives you. Even a disabled child brings joy into your life. Yes, it is hard, but the rewards are worth the work.


Daughter of Eve said...

I woud love a link to your quotes, if I could get one. Thanks!

Just a conservative girl said...

Sorry thought I linked the article. I also blog on Potluck and sometimes when I copy and paste from a post there, they don't always show up.

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