Thursday, September 1, 2011

Some Notes from the Peanut Gallery - Andre Carson Edition

First I would like to say how shocked I am that Congressman Carson's comments are getting mainstream media attention.  Normally things like this are just glossed over.  But here are some of the comments on ABC News blog post about his very unpleasant comments that I would like to see him hang from a tree.

I just want to thank this man for tellingit like it is. I have read dozens of articles where the t-party calls Blacks everything under the sun – even says they ae better off during slavery.

May I see these articles? 
Why is it unfair to call a racist a racist?
I’m afraid I have to agree with congressman Carson. I’m a democrat who certainly has had issues with republican presidents but there was no hate involved. I think they all , including Richard Nixon were good men who loved their country.
This thing with the tea party is more visceral, they not only criticize president Obamas policies but attack him personnally. The incident in front of the Congress where tea partiers were spitting on and calling black congressmen names was a indication where some of them were coming from.
Umm, I seem to remember some pretty horrible things being said about President Bush.  Not to say that justifies it, but the truth is that is how politics works in this country. 

I really think they are racist, but beacuse of todays political correctness, they are afraid to show their true feelings.
Yes, that is it I am worried about political correctness. 

The KKK is alive and well. Tea party republican governors are reviving Jim Crow Laws, attacking workers unions, and doing all they can to keep unemployment up and economic growth down. If you support tea party you support racism. Pure and simple
I guess this guy has been listening to Al Sharpton.  
The fanatics start out with I am not tea party but…then they go into these long explanations as to why their racism is not really racism, and as usual top the nonsense off with an attack on the president. They spread a message of hate, and it is catching on. They are the most hated group in America, and have recently hit the international scene, costing the world trillions. Pay us back, or go slither back under the rock you crawled out from. The fury of America will destroy your fanatic racist hate mongering party. You want trouble, you want to attack people, come get a taste of what you’ve been dishing out. It ain’t so funny now that the shoe is on the fanatic foot, now is it.

It’s not a hateful…it’s the truth. As much as the Tea Party won’t admit, they definately wouldn’t lose sleep if we went back to Jim Crow. They know it…we all know it. Please stop mixing the race card with the truth. They are both totally different from each other

It is sad to think where we would be today if republicans had not fought the president at every step. He is the only president we ever had willing to make real changes and listen to people. The only one who really cares about people and has the brains to make this country prosper. It is appalling that the republicans are destroying the country in a lame attempt to discredit him, fox news openly admits it, and laughs about it.

First, has the person ever watched Fox News?  I would say probably not.  Second, for the first two years in office he had a solid majority.  He did not need on single republican vote to pass anything.  Next!!

Yes, Mc Cain is not afraid of the fanatics. How many American soldiers died because of the tea party? The tea party attack on congress and resulting market crash showed the world how weak congress was. Enabling violence against our soldiers. It is no coincidence that the violence escalated to a fever pitch. That is the biggest reason I cannot stand tea party. I would love to have one of you fanatics mouth off to my face. Bring it on traitors. You are going down.

What the hell is this idiot talking about? 

President Obama, here is your chance to stand up and prove that you want to rid the political arena of this crap.  Grow a spine and publicly denounce this type of rhetoric.  It is dangerous and counterproductive. 

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