Monday, September 12, 2011

Things That Make You Say Hmm

If Warren Buffet was so concerned that he is not paying enough in taxes why doesn't he change his pay structure? Isn't he CEO or something? I thought I heard that somewhere.

Al Gore is going to have a 24 hour climate-denier-athon to show people where the money is coming from for the scientists who are "deniers". Is he also going to include a graph of how his bank account has gotten larger and larger by the people who are true believers?

The rumor is that Michele Bachmann is going to hit Perry on his statements on social security reform. Didn't she say less than a year ago that it was? Sorry Michele, but you should be ashamed for not being more honest with the American people about the much-needed reform of our entitlement programs. I expect that level of dishonesty from Romney.

Speaking of Social Security, Chris Matthews, in all of his infinite wisdom, has decided that Social Security can't be a Ponzi scheme because it mandatory and Ponzi schemes are voluntary. Doesn't that make it even worse than a Ponzi scheme?

The left is blowing a gasket over Herman Cain's tribute to the victims and rescue workers on 9/11. Would it have been better that he didn't even acknowledge the day? Nothing in his video even remotely hinted at policy, just a tribute to America and the victims of the day. Or was it just his singing of God Bless America that they found so insulting?

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