Tuesday, September 20, 2011

Pass the Popcorn - Greta V. Tucker

There has been some dust up going on for a few days regarding the vile and disgusting comments made by rapist Mike Tyson regarding Sarah Palin.  Mike Tyson is a pig, he has proven that time and again.  Of that there is little doubt.  While I will admit that I did feel some sympathy for the man when he lost one of his children, there are no real redeeming qualities in the man. 

One of the things that I have found interesting about this story is what is being missed.  If you listen to the actual interview, you will see that the person who was doing the interview of Tyson was egging him on.  None of that has been reported, and in my opinion should be. 

I guess I have become so used to hearing disgusting things being said about conservative women and there being little to no notice of it in the mainstream media, that I am not surprised by Tyson's comments.  Sarah Palin has been attacked in every way a woman can be attacked in the figurative sense, so again it is not a shock that more has been laid upon her. 

My gut reaction is with Tucker Carlson on this, it needs to be heard.  People need to understand exactly what happens to a woman who happens to be conservative is put through in the public arena.  Tucker is also correct when he mentions that if this had been said about Michelle Obama, Hillary Clinton, or any other liberal woman in the political spotlight it would be all over the media.  CNN's Anderson Cooper would have some sort of roundtable on how badly women are treated, but since it was Sarah Palin it gets overlooked. 

Here is the full video, you can decide for yourself who is right and wrong. 

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