Saturday, September 17, 2011

Hey Democrats, Show Me What You Are Made Of

There is still a great deal of buzz around the blogosphere and "new" media about how the democratic party is now kinda thinking that yes, maybe Hillary Clinton should have gotten the nomination three years ago. It was during the nomination process three years ago that I realized I had to become more politically active. I new I wasn't going to vote for either Obama or Hillary pretty early on, but I did pay attention to what was going on during the nominating process. I figured early on that whomever the winner turned out to be was going to be our next president.

I remember hearing people on the right saying "anyone but Hillary". I was saying anyone but Obama. I knew he would be disaster after reading his books (which a huge Obama fan friend sent to me, never did figure out why exactly), they scared me to death. He didn't have the resume to handle the job. But the democrats like to fall in love with their politicians. He appealed to anti-war crowd and he played the anti-Bush wave all the way to the presidency. Matter of fact, he still tries to play that card almost three years later.

I think it is pretty obvious that the tide is going against him at this point. The moderates in the party have figured out he really isn't all that interested in being a moderate. The far left in the party must be pretty unhappy as well. He didn't really fight for single payer as they wanted him to, he has continued Bush's policies for the most part when it comes to Afghanistan. He actually has increased the American foot print there, and is much more active with drones than Bush was. He has not closed Gitmo, he has pulled out of Iraq quickly enough for them, he has not done anything about the Patriot Act except prolong it. The far left has yet to (and I don't think ever will) realize that country has no desire to go where they want to take it, so they are disappointed that we are not a full-blown socialist country. They look at as giving in to republicans, when all it really is the reality that we are a center right country. We also are a country that doesn't like a great deal of change. We like our government to move more slowly.

The approval numbers just keep going down and unemployment is still high. His jobs plan has little to no chance of passing as he wants, although he has not really given anyone all the details yet, but after today's announcement that the Senate won't even taking it up until after the next recess, one can easily read the tea leaves. It ain't gonna pass.

What I can't figure out is why they haven't just reached the point that they realize the only way to save the presidency in the next election is to put up a primary opponent? I actually would respect the party so much more if they just say hey, this experiment of putting up a man who didn't have the proper qualifications for the job failed miserably and we need to move on. The man never managed a lemonade stand previously, has never had to make a payroll before, and doesn't seem to get how to create jobs. He is stuck in his ideology of remaking America, that he can't see that his vision won't work.

I still find it hard to believe that they have not done it. It wouldn't be the first time that a sitting president faced a primary challenge, both parties have done it over the years. In the end, the sitting president usually wins (I haven't done the research, it may be that they have always won), but at least someone could have tried it.

At this point I would think it is too late. It takes not just money, but it also takes organization in each state to get a primary challenge up and running. It is also too late for me to gain any respect for the party, because while I wouldn't have voted for the challenger, I would have respected the fact that they were admitting the failure and trying to do what was right for the country.


Opus #6 said...

Everyone who is against Obama will be forced to vote for the Republican nominee. I hope we pick a good one.

LL said...

I think that the Media's slavish support for Obama has kept other Dems out of the race. The Fourth Estate really drank the Kool Aid.

Just a conservative girl said...

There are certain people that I will not vote for. I am not going to compromise my principles anymore.

Are they still that much in love with him? They live in the country too. They see what is happening. At least some must have family that have taken pay cuts, lost their jobs, lost their homes and so on.

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