Tuesday, September 13, 2011

The Tea Party/CNN Debate


Newt hands down won the debate to me. He was articulate and had some great zingers too.

‘President Obama Scares Them Every Single Day’

Michele Bachmann's performance was much improved over last week. She also didn't look like she had bed head, so that was a help too. I personally think she went too far with the Gardasil attack. I think many in the country don't necessarily object to the drug, but do object to the mandatory nature of shot. Personally, my biggest objection is that he did by executive order. That doesn't sit well with me.

Rick Santorum is very good debater. He still has no shot at the nomination, but he would make a solid VP pick, especially if the worst possible scenario of Huntsman getting the nomination comes to pass.

Huntsman should be hanging his head in absolute shame when asked about how women are treated under the Taliban basically he said, it sucks to be you, now go away. Disgraceful.

As usual Romney avoided all the tough questions and did no damage. He didn't win, but he didn't lose.

Herman Cain had some very good moments. But, a Tea Party audience is tailored made for him. I dont' think it will bring him up to the next tier of candidates, but it will help with his fundraising I am sure.

Ron Paul, was well, Ron Paul. If you agree with him, you think he did great. If you are not inclined to agree with him he looked like a fool.

The biggest loser was Rick Perry. He had a hard time defending himself against the attacks that came from all angles tonight. He did especially bad on the Gardasil issue. He said he was offended that Bachmann thought he could be bought off for $5,000. It almost sounded like he could be bought off for a higher amount. (not saying that is true, but it sounded a tad like that, to me anyway). I personally agree with him on the fence issue. It would be outrageously expensive and wouldn't be all that effective. They would just dig under it, the drug tunnels are testament to that. But he will have some problems on immigration. He is perceived as weak on that issue. I met someone recently who grew up in Texas in a small town. Due to where she lived and the land her parents have she told me that like it or not, the right needs to accept a worker's visa. They are necessary. She said that people who don't live it, have a different view of the immigration problem than the governor of a border state will. She is a conservative who doesn't want to see amnesty, but has a perspective that I certainly don't understand living in the mid atlantic and in an urban setting.

Did Perry lose badly enough to lose the nomination? No. But he needs to improve if he wants to keep his frontrunner status.

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Sarah said...

Thanks for posting this; I didn't get to see the debate

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