Monday, July 25, 2011

That Was Quite A Speech There Mr. Speaker

I am really liking this speech.  The American people need to be fully aware, THE ONLY reason we are having this discussion is because the republicans are listening to the Tea Party.  We MUST cut our debt. 


Kid said...

I hear Hannity from about 5:10 to 5:20 pm interview Speaker Boehner.

1.1 trillion in cuts for a 1 trillion debt increase. But the 1.1 trillion in cuts is over 10 years and it's against 'the baseline' which cannot be defined to any rational human. And the first year of cuts is 24 billion starting in October 2011. So far, it's all lip service. Sorry. There's nothing here.

Just a conservative girl said...

Where you are wrong is that it slows things down. That is all we can hope for until a new president is elected. If you expected a great deal of cuts after the last election, you were only fooling yourself.

They can pass all the spending cuts they want, Obama will never sign them.

I just want them to limit the damage. We wouldn't even be having this conversation if it were not for the tea party and republican led house.

Kid said...

JACG, I agree 100%. I just don't want Boehner trying to sell me a bill of goods. There is no 1.1 trillion in cuts and as you say there won't be until Jan 2013 at least.

I think they'd get more mileage if they:
- didn't work on any plans and became highly visible saying the Dems have had 2.5 years to come up with a budget and haven't even at this critical juncture - so where is it?
- Force the Dems to come up with a plan and refuse to pass it if it doesn't have real cuts in it or tax increases
- Become very vocal about telling the country that they can't do anything until they get a majority and a republican president, (which ideally would be on of the Tea Party people -tho they'd never say that)

- and stop trying to blow smoke where it doesn't belong.

If they're forced to simply allow a debt increase (which is what it's going to amount to anyway) get on the public horn and educate about how printing another 2.4 tril is going to devalue that dollar in your wallet even more and steal your money through inflation.
With all the talking they've done, I'll bet not one person who didn't ahev this figured out already has figured it out from anything the repubs and Boehner has said.

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