Wednesday, July 20, 2011

The Promise and The Reality

President Obama was swept into office with such great hope. He was “The One” to bring about the change this country was looking for. The country was tired of the Bush administration. The left was crying foul each and every day and the media was a willing helper in spreading the word of how terrible President Bush was.

To the far left in this country Obama was the hope of all the dreams of getting a nanny state implemented in this country. The far left is very vocal in its desire to get “the rich”, after all they are evil. They are going to do what God himself cant and make the world fair. Obama is the most pro abortion president this country has ever had. While the public rhetoric is “rare and safe” the goal is allow women (and girls for that matter) to have abortion on demand at anytime up to birth. And hey, let’s make it free while we are at it. Obama is arguably the most liberal president this country has every elected. He was the promise for the socialists that have taken over the democratic party.

Two and half years in and reality has set in. Not just for the left who are seeing the promises unkept, but the rest of the country who were too blinded to see what President Obama really is. Obama is not the democratic party of old. He represents the new socialist wing that many thought the right was being hyperbolic to point out.

The democratic party of old (while I still disagree with much of) believes in The American Dream. They believe that if they work hard and catch a good break, they too can live a comfortable life, give their children things that their parents were unable to provide for them. The democratic party of old wanted people to succeed. The idea of being a financial success wasn’t evil. John Kennedy was the democratic party of old. He didn’t try to hide his family’s fortune, nor did he apologize for it. People looked at how the Kennedy family succeeded and hoped that one day that could be their children too. He wasn’t evil, forgetting for the moment how Joe Kennedy obtained much of that money.

The far left is frustrated that Obama hasn’t fulfilled the promise. They are actually thinking to themselves that Obama is a centrist that is spending too much time giving into the evil republican demands. Only someone completely delusional would be of that mindset. But what the far left refuses to see let alone accept is that America doesn’t want to go down this road.

Americans don’t want to work three-part time jobs because they can’t find a full-time one that pays them a livable wage. Americans don’t want to see our debt grow and grow on a daily basis. Americans don’t want to be Greece.

The reality is hitting Americans in the face. Keynesian economic models are unsustainable. Spreading the wealth is not making their lives easier, it is making them harder. Spending billions of dollars in “stimulus” that was in reality a pay off for getting Obama elected has hurt our economy even further. People are seeing for themselves that public union pensions are hurting everyday taxpayers who are not lucky enough to find themselves receiving one. People are seeing for themselves that the unions are standing in the way of much-needed reform of our public school system. People are seeing for themselves that under the model of the far left their American Dream is slipping away.

People are seeing for themselves that Obama is not the democrat of old. He is the part of the socialist wing that has infiltrated their party. The question is what do they do about it? Do they stay home next November? Do they pull the lever for the president because they can’t vote for a republican? Only time will tell.

But I think America has realized that the promise that swept Obama into office will go unfulfilled.


Dean_L said...

Vigilance must not be abandoned. The promise that swept Obama into office is still the goal for a motivated segment of the electorate.

Not everyone is yet awake to the progressive socialism that is still his agenda.

Kid said...

If you're a tax paying non-union member like myself, you are at the bottom of the food chain in this country.

I think a lot of people are starting to realize that.
Yes, how will they react.

hometown guy said...

The top marginal income tax rate under Kennedy was 91%, which he later reduced to 70%. There is less spreading the wealth really happening now than at any other time in the past century. So how is that the problem?

Teresa said...

Well, my niece who was a first time voter in 2008 and voted for Obama will not be voting for Obama in 2012. She said that he didn't help us - meaning her and her kids. I found that interesting the way she said that. I try to explain to her that she needs to help herself to make her situation better. I'm working on her. She never made it through high school so I am in the process of teaching her about our government, history, and other education as well.

just a conservative girl said...

We both know that people didn't pay that 90% rate. They cheated. You lower the tax rates and you increase revenue. When Kennedy lowered the rates you didn't see people starving out on the streets because we couldn't afford services anymore. Social Security wasn't cut off.

Look at Maryland and New York. Both raised the rates on the dirty evil rich and ended up with lower revenue than expected. You lower rates and you get more money. People will invest in their business or they will spend as a consumer. Both of which are good for the economy.

When government stifles growth people suffer.

Kid said...

hometown, adding to what JACG said, the following did not exist when JFK was still alive:
Welfare, Food Stamps, Wic, and many other abject failure and enslavement programs initiated by the Democrat party that redistribute wealth.
Remember the 'rich' don't pay taxes. Taxes are simply part of the cost basis for doing business and they pass it on to the middle class in the form of prices just like they would sugar or energy costs going up.
Simply looking at tax rates is Naive in the extreme when you're talking about redistribution of Wealth.
And we haven't even touched on how much of our hard earned money gets laundered out through the UN and other countries dictators in the form of "aid" that the people never see.

And lets start talking about how the democrats with the "house for everyone" program that jimmy carter started and clinton, frank, and dodd and the rest of the dems tripled down on Destroyed the world economy and how the Fed gave out 40 + trillion dollars to wall street and banks foreign and domestic so they could have a "Do Over" in the form of buying their worthless ortgage arbitrage paper that will Always be worthless - that you and your descendents will be paying for -for decades- and your idiotic argument about some JFK period tax rate isn't even worth discussing. Dig?

No wonder politicians treat us like dumb a$$es.

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