Monday, July 18, 2011

Just Another Day in Progressive La La Land

As most of you are aware, I live in very progressive area of Virginia. Sometimes it is all I can do to keep myself from screaming. This is one of those times. As you may have read, I have befriended a young woman who finds herself in the horrible situation of being homeless. I have been trying to do my best to help her. Well, her blog has become somewhat of a sensation with my progressive neighbors. Mind you, they have done next to nothing to help her, but they like reading about her plight.

Today, I was outside in my yard. For some reason I thought I would get fresh air out there. But I quickly realized that no fresh air was to be had. One of my neighbors decided to stop over and talk to me about my new friend. She really didn't want to talk so much as to lecture me. I was told what a great disservice I am doing this "poor little waif" by not encouraging her to get help from the people who can really help her; the government.

So the air just become more dense as this conversation continued. Now, I have some health issues that I am dealing with so there is no room at the inn. I wish that there were, but I cannot have her move in with me at this moment in time. Issues that I might add that the progressive next door is well aware of. So she was telling me that I needed to get on her the list for housing by the government. Ok, that list dates back to 2006 (must be Bush's fault) and they are no longer adding names. Then we moved onto food stamps. Ok, you cannot get food stamps if you dont' have an address. Her using a false address is a felony. Since she is not an illegal alien she would actually be punished if she got caught. OK, Next? There was no next really, except for an additional lecture on my lack of real compassion. After all, I am conservative. What could I possibly know about compassion or really helping someone? I need to leave it to the progressive experts.

Now, let's see I helped her get a job, albeit a temporary one, but a job nonetheless, that not only gives her some money to keep gas in her car and the ability to buy food it also gives her a sense of accomplishment everyday. She also has learned something about herself watching after these kids. She realizes how much she really loves being around children. This is a new experience for her. One that will make the transition into motherhood a little easier.

Now, what exactly has my neighbor done? Oh, that would be nothing. She has a good-sized home and her children are older. After all the girl is out tramping around nightly(she has done things in my pool, that I have not even done), so they have room in their house. (Ok, maybe the tramp remark was a little much, but if the shoe fits..........). She has not offered to help find her job, she has not offered to give her a place to stay on a temporary basis, she has not (as far as I know) hit the tip jar on her blog. Yet, I am doing the girl a disservice. I am trying to provide a safety net for her until she can get back onto her feet. A safety net that her precious government was unable to provide. She applied for help and was rejected at every turn. I guess the rich have not paid enough in taxes to cover the "little waif". Hey, you high income earners (which by the way she is one), get out your wallets.......the safety net isn't quite as safe as she thought. You need to pay more. Taxes, we need more taxes. Like I said, no fresh air to be found.

Oh, it was really hazy, hot and humid today too.


Conservative Pup said...

Lib/prog/marxists hate it when we conservatives and/or Christians actually help someone. Mostly because the sight of you doing something tangible and personal for her, using your own time and money, shames her down in her core. She won't admit that, and perhaps doesn't even acknowledge it to herself, but it does. And without really understanding why, it enrages her to see you helping this woman, instead of just telling her to go get help from the gov't, like your neighbor wants you to do.

I tell her that I am following in the footsteps of my Lord, and government hasn't anything to do with it, nor can government actually help her.

I understand your frustration. But you are right, and she is wrong.

Kid said...

Doesn't sound like you pushed back much. I think it's entirely reasonable to mention the things you have done, then ask her what she is willing to do besides lecture you. Is she willing to show this woman the ropes of getting on the dole? Is she even willing to drive her to the welfare office?
Whatever you're comfortable with, but in my mind - we are officially at war with these idiot libs. Time for the rubber to hit the road.
"Do as you speak" talks and BS walks.

Imagine the hypocrisy of this whole diatribe she laid n you. A brain that can be diametrically opposed with itself is proof positive that liberalism is a mental disorder.

Just a conservative girl said...

I don't know Kid. I put this on my blog and all of other neighbors are going to read it. I think that has a certian flare to it, don't you?

Kid said...

Ah, I missed that.

Now, I like my comment even more.

And your post.

Anonymous said...

Are you the contact donations contact person mentioned via Paypal?

Anonymous said...

Sorry about the mispellings. I meant:

Are you the contact person listed via the paypal donation site?

If so, yuo can be reached through the email on this page?

Just a conservative girl said...

Yes, I am. When she realized that she couldn't have a pay pal account with her name appearing, she removed it. So, I moved my info onto her blog so she could keep her privacy. She doesn't want people to be able to link her name to blog.

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