Friday, July 1, 2011

The New Faces of Homelessness - Updates

I spoke with my new friend yesterday as I wanted to hear about her job interview.  She was quite pleased with how it went.  They did a first round interview and testing and then will be making appointments for a second interview.  She was told that she would be getting a second round interview, but they wanted to do it once all three of the people are there at once.  Which won't be until August.  Wow, that is long time to wait.  Why bother doing the first round now?  Makes no sense to me.  But, I am not a hiring manager, so what do I know? 

One of my neighbors read about her on my blog (who knew she read it, she is one of those dreaded democrats).  She had yard work that needed to be done that she just hadn't gotten around to doing since the kids have been out of school.  She hired her to get it accomplished.  She showed up on time and did the work, and did a fine job I may add.  I believe my instincts about this young woman are correct.  She is down and out, not some lazy person looking for someone else to pick up the tab.   She passed the criminal check that my church did before allowing her to work with the kids and all of her references checked out.  So she will be starting that job on Tuesday.  I just wish it paid more than $8.50 per hour.  But it is what it is and it will be a little something that she can put in the bank.  She told me that if she able to raise $5,000 even before she can get a full time job that will give her enough cushion that she can find a roommate situation and be OK.  I didn't ask her how much she has. 

I also encouraged her to put some of work experience on her profile so maybe she can network that way.  She doesn't want her name in anyway attached to the blog (who can blame her) so that if a employer googles her that won't pop up.  But, I said no personal info or company names is needed, just her skill sets. 

She has not posted about her job interview yet.  My neighbor used some of her husband's points to get her a hotel room for a few days.  I have this feeling that she is taking a good long sleep in since she has not been in a bed for quite some time.  Come to find out even when she had a place to live she was sleeping on the floor as her mattress was something that she sold as it was very expensive when she bought it originally.  People buy used mattresses?  Too much of an ick factor for me, but whatever. 

Stop over at her blog and send some encouraging words.  She really is working to get herself out of this situation and some kindness will go a long way. 

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Zilla/MJ said...

I just read your other post about your friend. God bless you for your kindness. It is not hard to fall out of the middle class, and it is easy to keep falling down towards the bottom, but it can be so very hard to get back up. Compassionate people like you can sometimes make all the difference.
I knew a lot of nice normal people who ended up on the streets, it only takes a few missed paychecks, or a couple of bad breaks to unravel a person's life - especially in this economy.

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