Friday, July 8, 2011

The Face of Evil

This picture borders on demonic. 

Casey in court today hearing when she will be getting out of jail.  Pure Evil. 


Opus #6 said...

Heartbreaking to know that defenseless little girl was left alone with this woman. I hope she didn't suffer much, but I fear she did.

Daphne Of Argos said...

I was outraged when I heard, but the knowledge that even though she was acquitted by our court system, on Judgement day for her, there will be no acquittal for God's judgement is final.

Kid said...

Every time I've ever seen a picture of this person, I've thought Evil. No lie. Any picture. This chick is evil.

I don't think she did it though, I think her dad did it in an act of granpa pedophilia using too much chloroform. She would be an accessory in that case and should still do some serious time.

No surprise she was acquitted though as the prosecution could not even say how the girl died/was murdered. I'm happy to see that new law though that allows for some serious time based on Not reporting a child missing.

Anonymous said...

She is. My heart breaks knowing a mother could do this to her baby.

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