Tuesday, July 12, 2011

Quote of the Day - Keith Ellison Edition

“This is an era of extremism. These same people that want to shrink government so that you can drown it in a bathtub also want Mom to get back in the kitchen and take her shoes off and get pregnant. You understand? They are offended by strong, powerful women. And here’s the sad part: some of them are women themselves. Michele Bachmann would be an example.”

Michele Bachmann thinks so strongly that women only belong in the kitchen barefoot and pregnant, she is going to run for president to prove it. 
Only a liberal could use that logic and get away with it. 

Oh, by the way Mr. Ellison - How many women were beaten in the name of Islam today?  Just wondering.


Quite Rightly said...

Laughing through tears!

The libs will go right on blissfully believing this stuff.

Kid said...

I have no idea who keithy is, but he's wrong about Bachmann of course. Well, SOP for the libs - pound on anyone who loos strong enough to win an election.

On the other hand, I do tend to think the whole feminist movement was started by the communist infiltrators - along with the meteoric rise in drug use of the late 60's, losing the Vietnam war as main points. I believe the commies assassinated JFK at this point also.
Feminism was heavily marketed to break up the family unit. The strongest defense a nation can have. Look what we have today - both parents working -if there even are two parents, day care (a village raising your child - a very communist concept)
This Video shows 383 views but it has millions of views. It keeps getting deleted and reinstalled.

Much of what we live with now is communist inspired/initiated. PC, Multi-culturalism, etc etc.

Just a conservative girl said...

He is a congressman who is a relatively recent convert to Islam. Who by the way has never ever made a statement of how poorly women are treated in the middle east. You do remember him, he was the one crying during the King hearings on terrorism.

Kid said...

"a congressman who is a relatively recent convert to Islam"

No, I don't watch. I care more for my mental and physical health. I know what the score is and don't need to, or want to, subject myself to all the physical day to day manifestations.

As far as the KGB agent, it's not just a short vid. In the series on the right side can be found the entire interview and it's quite impressive.

Kid said...

I just read my 1st comment again, and it almost sounds like I endorse the women in the kitchen idea. I don't. I am for them doing whatever they want along with everyone else. fwiw

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