Saturday, July 9, 2011

The New Faces of Homelessness - Updates Part 2

I helped the young woman find a temporary job for a few weeks at my church's day camp. It won't solve her problems but it will keep her busy and give her some money to make sure she has food for a bit. She is still interviewing for a full-time job and is not having much luck as of yet.

She really is a very sweet girl. A sweet girl who is having a political awakening of sorts. She is seeing for herself what government intervention into the private market is doing to her job prospects. She really took exception to Plouffe's remarks on how people will not be voting on the unemployment numbers. She had something she had to get off her chest. I think you find it interesting.

Please pop over and give her some words of encouragement. The 18K new job numbers has really upset her. She has a message for Mr. Plouffe and President Obama.


politicaljunkiemom said...

can't stop reading her posts. spellbound. bless you for helping her.

lilredhen said...

Do you happen to know what state she lives in?

Just a conservative girl said...


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