Friday, June 10, 2011

Hmm, Maybe This is Why People Don't Care What Weiner Did

Several months ago I noticed this dress at the mall. To be honest, when I first saw it I didn't think it was a dress, I thought it was a long shirt. But, I have been assured that it is indeed a dress. Every time I walked past it I would shake my head and wonder if I would ever let my teen aged daughter (I don't have any, lucky for them I guess) leave the house in this dress. The answer is not just no, but hell no.

I got to thinking that part of the reason that we think that what Weiner did was somehow acceptable is because we let our young daughters leave the house dressed like this:

I am not kidding, this dress is actually a size larger than I normally would wear and when I bent over everything that God gave me was sticking out.  No there is no photo of that, I spared you that sight. 

This dress is sized for girls as young as 13, it is in the Juniors section. 

This is what I left the house dressed in.  Light and breezy and I can actually bend over if I have to without worrying about giving everyone a show. 

But, I guess I am just one of those backward, culturally conservative weirdos that Chris Matthews was talking about.   I just never realized that Washington, DC was rural.  Who knew?  Thanks Chris for clearing that up for me. 

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