Saturday, June 11, 2011

Liberal Logic - Russell Crowe Edition

Russell Crowe to Twitter a few days ago.  He hasn't caused the uproar that Anthony Weiner has or anything, but you must wonder where he gets his logic. 

Don't touch the foreskin, but go right ahead and suck the baby right out of the womb.  If the baby is so perfect in the eyes of God how can a woman choose to kill it?  If it is a woman's right to choose, shouldn't she be able to choose to have a circumcision performed?  Does this go for Jews as well?  So many questions, so few answers in 140 characters. 

So you can kill a baby, but don't you dare touch the foreskin.  Makes perfect sense to me. 

H/T To Jill Stanek 


LL said...

Trying to understand the 'progressive mind' is an exercise in futility.

Deekaman said...

To be Liberal is to be hypocritical, contradictory and cowardly.

Zilla/MJ said...

Liberalism truly is a mental illness. I linked to your post here:

Kid said...

The libtard life is just a series of disconnected 'moments' and how they feel at that moment. One moment has nothing to do with the other so constant contradiction is not a problem.
They are stunted development children.
They are mob-think. Another trait of children btw.
This is all proven by psychologists.

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