Sunday, June 19, 2011

Jon Stewart on Fox News Sunday

This is very interesting.  I like Jon Stewart, I think that he can be very funny at times.  He and I don't agree on politics at all, but I do think he brings a certain comedic relief to difficult topics.  I also think he is very intelligent and brings that into his comedy.  Which I appreciate and that is the reason that I am such a big fan of Dennis Miller. 

Which is why I find it strange that he doesn't see liberal bias in the media.  I guess it is willful blindness.  Like many others on the left they don't see the difference between Fox News Opinion shows and the news shows.  The news anchors are fair.  Which is why many on the right accuse them of being too liberal.  I hear that all the time about Shep.  I don't think anyone can accuse either Chris Wallace or Brent Baier of going easy on conservatives.  They simply do not. 


RightKlik said...

Some of these folks are so far to the left, they see a bias, but it looks like a rightward slant to them.

Kid said...

It's good that they're talking. That's the answer really, to get people thinking instead of sucking on a straw.

J Stewart is right, he's only doing what comedians have done for decades. The difference is today's uneducated masses watch it and take it seriously.

RightKlik said...

Watched the rest of the vid. I find it hard to believe that anyone who pays attention could be oblivious to the fact that all major news media apart from Fox News were relentless activists for Obama, pre and post Dem primary.

Just a conservative girl said...

As you may remember, I went to the Stewart rally in DC as it is local for me. I talked to someone on the train on the way home and she was telling me that it was really refreshing to go something that was hopeful instead of the fear that came from the Beck event a few weeks earlier.

So, I asked her what Beck said that was so fearful. Nothing she named was said at Beck's event. I told her that she needed to spend less time accepting what the media says and more time listening for yourself. I told her that was the reason that I was there, to hear for myself and to get a clear picture of what happened there instead of depending on the media. She looked at me like I was crazy. She told me she knew what she heard about Beck and wouldn't accept the fact that nothing Beck said that day was about President Obama or the dems. All we did that day was pray for him. Maybe that is what scared her.

I liked this interview. I think it may give pause to the more moderate people in the country. I also am thrilled to hear him admit that people like us are called bigots for no reason. We get unfairly characterized in certain way. It is too bad that he isn't more willing to say that on his show, when it has a chance to get through to his audience. I wonder how many of his young liberal fans watched today? Many just feel that they will be poisoned simply by putting on FNC. They never watch it, but they know it is part of the vast right wing conspiracy. Because Jon Stewart tells them so.

Kid said...

No question about 'the media'. I'm not defending Jon if that's unclear. I think he does know what effect he has on the meme, yet I still don't blame him. He's trying to make a buck and going with what he thinks, just like the rest of us.
Clearly the media who promoted obama like he was Jesus Christ and Palin the devil are the problem.

There are a lot of smart people in New York who vote Democrat. I'm hard pressed to understand why. Maybe it's catering to their customer base.

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