Tuesday, June 21, 2011

To Curtis Johnson - Online & Social Media Specialist for the NAACP

You may remember that I did a post a few weeks ago on the NAACP siding with the unions and filing a lawsuit to stop New York City from closing down some of the worse schools in the entire country.  As many of you know I am a contributor to the blog PotLuck bloggers.  A group of diverse conservative women who are trying to get their ideals out into the blogosphere. 

I got a reply from Curtis Johnson from the NAACP inviting me to participate in the Twitterview that they would be doing regarding the lawsuit.  I received the message too late and was unable to participate.  He then invited me to send him questions directly.  So here it goes:

1. It is very obvious that our public school system is broken in this country.  Why is an organization such as yours raising objections to using innovative ideas such as vouchers and charters to help the children get a better education?

2. Can you honestly tell me that you don't accept the reality that unions are part of the problem of school reform in this country?  If so, why?

3.  How long do these families have to wait before we close a school that performs in lowest 1% of the entire country?  Is it 1 year, 2 years, or simply as long as it takes? 

4. Can you look the families of these children who have been in this failing school for years and honestly say that you care about their child's education? 

5.  Are you willing to send your child (or niece, nephew, friend's kid) to this same school why they are waiting for it to "improve"?  If not, how do you justify telling another family that they must? 

6. What do have to say about the report that came out after the DC voucher program ended showing that this program also helped to improve the public schools, by making them compete with the private schools for the money?  This report seems to indicate that vouchers/charters do help all students not just the students that are attending the other schools.  ***

7. Do you think that the result would be different in the public school system in New York than it was in D.C.?  ***

***While the DC officials and many within the democratic party have disputed it, the results for DC have been positive.  I have back-up of this if you need it.  I am very passionate about education reform and have kept a close eye on the voucher program in DC. 

I look forward to your answers. 


just a conservative girl

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Kid said...

imho, the unions, meaning the Mob, have taken over the public school system. It will be hard to separate them. Step one is certainly taking Education away from the bought and sold federal government.

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