Friday, June 10, 2011

Quote of the Day - Margo Howard Edition

I personally do not believe in “closure” or “healing,” but I do believe in moving forward, chastened. As the great drama coach, Stella Adler, said, “Don’t go back; go on.” And perhaps try to adjust your language. Your remark, before the axe fell, that you could not say “with certitude” that the crotch shot was yours was a guilt giveaway. You just didn’t sound cocksure, which really opened the door … if only for Mr. Breitbart, who apparently didn’t appreciate your suggesting he was behind your troubles. Also, the fact that your cyber-pen-pals sent your, uh, correspondence and pictures to him suggests you may have been consorting with right-wingers. But all that is history now.
Margo Howard on What Anthony Weiner should do now.

Apparently, the only reason Weiner got caught is because the women were secretly republicans. It never occurs to her that even some democrats would find his behavior wrong, stupid, selfish, self-destructive, psychotic, etc. Oh wait...............Apparently they don't. 

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